Who we are

We are an online affiliate shop that specialises in providing an easy to use online electrical shop offering products such as Televisions, DVD players and other every day home appliance products.

By teaming up with dozens of online retailers and manufacturers you can be sure that the products you buy are from trusted and established retailers across the internet.

Our Goal and Idea

With the rise in online retailers and shops offering discounted electrical items our goal was to set up a shop that provides an easy to use interface to find home entertainment and every day home appliances using only trusted and established retailers.

We aim to improve our search features and provide discounts to our users on a regular basis to improve our services to our customers. Using online and social media platforms we aim to have regular customers that will use us regularly as a platform for finding everyday home electronic items online.

What can we do for you ?

Provide an easy to use platform for finding every day home electrical items at the lowest prices across the internet. All from trusted and established retailers.

Fast Delivery

Most of our retailers aim to have your items delivered fast & efficiently to your address


Our trusted retailers offer full warranties, cashback and support on all of there products

Best Quality

Outstanding customer service with full phone and email support with all of our retailers